National Museum of Bahrain

The National Museum of Bahrain () is the largest and one of the oldest museums in Bahrain, located in Manama, the capital.

Built near the King Faisal Highway in Manama, the capital, and inaugurated in December 1988, the museum designed by a Danish company, KHR Arkitekter, covers 27800 square meters, and consists of two buildings. It has a rich collection of archaeological artifacts from ancient Bahrain, acquired since 1988, and covers 6000 years of the kingdom’s history. Three large halls are dedicated to the archeology and ancient civilization of Dilmun. The large hall has on the ground a satellite map of the island, with the current state (around 2000) of all human installations. The walls of the same hall present in Arabic and English an excellent introduction to traditional Bahraini architecture, and rehabilitation achievements as well as projects for the development of different heritages.

Two other rooms represent Bahrain Culture, from the recent pre-industrial past, mainly from the beginning of daily life, family and religious traditions … Since 1993, an additional room, natural history, deals with the natural environment of Bahrain , Flora and fauna. Among the objects exhibited in the section of ancient history, is a real tumulus Dilmun, transported from its site in the desert, and back to the museum. The evolution of the funerary practices of the different periods of Dilmun is particularly well developed. A living painting depicts a scene from the epic of Gilgamesh, referring to Bahrain, which in the story is presented as the paradise of Dilmun. The manuscripts and documents room displays ancient manuscripts of the Koran, notes on astronomy, historical documents, official letters.


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