Museum of Schokland

The Museum of Schokland is an open air museum located in the municipality of Noordoostpolder, in the Dutch province of Flevoland. It presents the history of the ancient island of Schokland and the surrounding polders.

The museum is located on the former terp of Middelbuurt. He opened in 1947, in the church of this village, the Enserkerk, exhibiting a number of archaeological discoveries. The museum was renovated between 1961 and 1967, then expanded in 1987 with the addition of old renovated houses. It is then moved and installed in wooden houses, on a dedicated site, the Zuiderzeestijl. The museum receives about 40,000 visitors every year.

The collection includes features from the island’s ancient buildings, as well as artefacts, engravings and various iconic archaeological finds.

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