A monolith (from the Greek, “only one”, and, “stone”) is a large block of stone, consisting of a single element, natural or cut or even displaced by Man.

A monolith can be natural: Uluru and Mount Augustus, Australia, considered the world’s largest monolith, or the monolith of Ben Amira, Mauritania, or the Zuma Rock Monolith in Nigeria. Some rock masses can be called monolithic although they are in fact aggregates of agglomerated rocks: this is the case, for example, in France of the cargneulite monolith of Sardières (high).

A monolith can be a monument to itself (statue, monolithic stone). Monolithic sacred stones are found in prehistoric times (menhirs) and in many civilizations, such as the Mayan civilization (stelae representing sovereigns or the originals of Quirigua) and Aztec (the monolith of Coatlicue which represents the goddess of death, or still the decorated monolith of Tizoc representing the fifteen victories of this sovereign). The first buildings made up of monoliths are the dolmens, from the millenium. A monolith can also constitute an architectural element of a building composed of a single element (column, lintel, etc.). A reinforced concrete building is considered a monolith (as opposed to a brick or concrete block wall).

The granite pedestal of the Bronze Horseman, transported to St. Petersburg in 1770, is reputed to be the largest stone ever moved by man. We quote the following figures: 7 × 14 ×, for.

The unfinished Obelisk of Aswan is given for. But he never left his career. It is not detached from the bedrock.

The Baalbek stone Hadjar-el-Qoublé (the southern stone) is given for × 4.80 × or 900 to, according to fairly constant estimates. She did not leave the quarry, and she remained planted obliquely, instead of her extraction.

The Lateran obelisk in Rome was broken up into three pieces, but restored and re-erected (or otherwise) by Pope Sixtus Quintus. Variable figures are given, probably high for a weight of 400 ±.

In the film ” 2001, The Space Odyssey ” and its sequels (films and books), a strange black monolith of extraterrestrial origin plays an important role.

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