Mare Nostrum

Mare nostrum is a Latin expression which translated literally means “our sea” by evoking the Mediterranean.

The Romans have always preferred land to ships. For example, against the Carthage fleet at the Battle of Cape Ecnomus in 256 BC. JC, while Rome still had little experience in maritime matters, they won thanks to the crows (or iron hands) which immobilized the enemy ships and thus allowed the ground troops to fight in a close combat to which they were accustomed on the land. And even later, when the Romans were able to control the Mediterranean and all its seacoast, they considered it a kind of “swimming pool”, hence the expression mare nostrum, and avoiding the ocean beyond. beyond the columns of Hercules.

The fascism of Benito Mussolini seeks to make Italy a country feared and respected by restoring the splendor of the Roman Empire. In April 1926, in a speech in Tripoli, Mussolini reuses the expression of mare nostrum, with the idea of ​​establishing an Italian thalassocracy on the Mediterranean.

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