Household of saint Kodelig

The household of saint Kodelig (in Breton) is a group of stones located on the commune of Plovan in the department of Finistère. A local legend is attached to this megalithic site, composed of a Gallic stele, a Neolithic menhir and a crude flat stone. All the stones and the practices that Men have developed around them are part of the Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage in France. The outdoor area is crossed by a hiking trail but the parcels on which the stones are located are private. The cleaning of Saint Kodelig is integrated into the interpretation circuit “In the footsteps of the horse of pride” and the hiking and mountain bike trail No. 24 labeled by the French Federation of Hiking.

If the arrival of evangelising monks in Britain from the past is a documented historical fact, the many stories that surround it are largely a matter of popular belief. Thus, we attribute to those who will become Breton saints a very hard life, as a hermit. It is then that the stones come into play, representing the hardness of their existence, but also the only vestiges, summary constructions, of what they possessed. Indeed, it is customary to connect these rocks to everyday objects, such as a bed or a chair. These legends are reinforced by the fact that Mount Kodelig is known to be a place of passage, but also hiding thanks to its undergrowth. Thus, many populations threatened during the conflicts, especially during the Revolution and during the Second World War, took refuge there. The stone tells the crossing of the Channel of Breton saints on stone boats. In addition, the stone retains the stigma of places marked by the imprint of the saints who have come to lie down, sit down, pray or set foot in the whole of Brittany. Moreover, toponymy shows the importance of the relationships maintained with these stones: Saint Ronan’s bed, Saint Yves’ boat Saint Conogan’s chair, Saint Gildas’s horse’s foot, Saint Eloi’s foot …

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