Gozo Archeology Museum

The ” ‘archeology museum of Gozo (in Maltese’ ‘Il-Mużew tal-Arkeoloġija ta’ Għawdex and in English Gozo Museum of Archeology ‘) is one of the two archeology museums of Malta. The museum is housed in a building located in the citadel of Ir-Rabat. It served initially as a town hall where the Knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem received their distinguished guests. It has also served as home to the Bondì family, hence the name of Casa Bondì under which it is also known. Deceased, it was restored in 1937 by Sir Harry Luke, Lieutenant Governor of Malta. In 1960, it hosts the first public museum of the island; his collections then include archaeological and ethnographic objects. In 1986, non-archaeological collections were transferred to other buildings in the citadel.

The museum contains objects found on Gozo Island from prehistory to the Middle Ages. It includes stone slabs from Ġgantija temples, figurines from the circle of Brochtorff at Ix-Xagħra, funerary slabs belonging perhaps to crusaders stranded in Malta after a storm at the beginning of the eighth crusade, or the stele of Maïmouna, a Muslim funerary inscription.


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