Charles-Tanguy Le Roux

Charles Tanguy Le Roux (born in 1941 in Quimper) is a retired general curator of Brittany’s heritage. He is also a renowned prehistorian, specialist in Neolithic and Armorican megalithism. He is the author of numerous researches and publications on this theme.

Charles Tanguy Le Roux retired in 2002. He traveled to Holic, Slovakia (near the border) in May 2004 and wrote a report, immediately communicated to the Slovak archaeological authorities, confirming that stones discovered in 1988 and kept in a public square had been worked. by man and could have been used, in the form they still have today, perhaps as early as the Bronze Age, for a monumental cultural achievement. He considered this discovery important and did not rule out other sites of this type to be found in the area. The French Embassy had organized the mission of this expert after discovering the existence of these megaliths with the book Kamene zabudnuteho casu of Dr. Rudolf Irsa who had measured the archaeological value of these stones from their update in 1988, to the opportunity of construction work, and had subsequently obtained the conservation of twenty of them in a public square. In 2006, he was appointed member of the scientific committee for the study and the valorization of the site of Carnac (Morbihan), instituted, with the director of Architecture and the Heritage, and in charge of advising the Ministry of Culture and the Communication on the program, the nature and the implementation of the studies and investigations to be carried out within the framework of the project for the development and development of the megalithic alignments and monuments of Carnac and its surroundings.

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