HD Archeology Documentary

HD Archeology Documentary is a Youtube channel that features resources for archeological discoveries from some of the oldest civilizations of the known world. The channel features discussions and interviews with Robert Schoch and other experts in the field and their insights during their travels.

This channel aims to provide an in-depth look at the world by studying ancient civilizations and mysteries revolving their development and disappearance. These documentaries also discuss various myths and misconceptions regarding available information to the public.

The most appealing element that this collection of documentaries has is that it features unbiased and uninhibited conclusions regarding the discoveries making them more credible as an information source.

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The Forbidden Archeologist features a collection of several long-form videos of educational talks and discussions regarding ancient and modern history and civilization. This channel focuses more on myths, legends, and other secrets of ancient civilizations, powerful secret societies, and possibly life outside the planet.

It presents argumentative evidence of supposed untold origins and suppressed information that was crucial to the shaping of present-day history and culture. Featured in these videos are unexplainable artifacts, symbols, and structures that could lead to greater discovery.