Adventure Archaeology

The Adventure Archeologist features Brandon and his family and friends who engage in what could be classified as urban archeology. He tends to explore archeology on a much smaller scale focusing on smaller antiques and various collectibles like bottles, coins, and other miscellaneous items. A large portion of his channel is also dedicated to outdoor exploration and discovering the unknown within the immediate area.

His videos feature his adventures into caves, forests, bodies of water, as well as old abandoned buildings. The Adventure Archeologist encourages exploration and discovery in the simplest ways possible.

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Collapsologie is the study and elaboration of how industrial civilization as we know it collapses and if it does, what will replace it. Industrial civilization is the use of machinery powered by electricity or any form of energy to carry out various activities.

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Theories on the risk of collapse of industrial civilization

” Theories on the risk of collapse of industrial civilization ” are theories about the risks of imminent decline in the contemporary industrial world that include the extinction of many living species, including mankind, and ‘part of a process of global collapse. These conceptions describe a systemic risk of planetary catastrophes caused directly by its mode of operation. These theories of collapse are not based on direct scientific evidence, but rely on measurable indices and documented studies. The apocalyptic warnings (or the end of the world) are part of an old tradition, but the originality of the current theories is that they are based on scientific facts whose reality is recognized by scientific and institutional reports and expertise, such as those of the Club of Rome, the IPCC, international military authorities, the World Bank and the Davos Forum. In addition, the risks put forward are now based on human activity.

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Decline of civilization

The decline of civilization is a common idea that the life of civilizations would follow a cycle of life: gestation, birth, growth, climax, and decline. Examples in support of this thesis are often:

It is possible to classify the causes of the decline of civilizations into two broad categories: endogenous causes, generated by civilization itself (political and social crises, structural crises, financial crises, wars, etc.), and exogenous causes, that is to say, external causes such as the appearance of epidemics, diseases or natural events (climate, volcanoes …).

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The Arzawa (ancient Arzawiya form) is a kingdom and region of Western Anatolia whose history is known only to external sources, mainly from the neighboring kingdom of the Hittites, who have repeatedly fought in this region. The exact location of Arzawa is still debated. It is located in southwestern Anatolia, between Lycia and Lydia posterior. It could have been extended to the Aegean Sea. The Arzawa is undoubtedly a realm of Luvite culture, as evidenced by the names of people from this country and the fact that it worshiped the gods of Latvia, such as Arma (the Moon) and Tarhunda (god of the Thunderstorm). The first historical attestation of the kingdom of Arzawa dates from the reign of Hattushili, around 1650 BC.

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The Forbidden Archeologist features a collection of several long-form videos of educational talks and discussions regarding ancient and modern history and civilization. This channel focuses more on myths, legends, and other secrets of ancient civilizations, powerful secret societies, and possibly life outside the planet.

It presents argumentative evidence of supposed untold origins and suppressed information that was crucial to the shaping of present-day history and culture. Featured in these videos are unexplainable artifacts, symbols, and structures that could lead to greater discovery.


Archaeology Soup

Archeology Soup is a Youtube channel that focuses on culture and heritage. The channel aims to educate people in ideologies, philosophies, societal norms, and other points of interest regarding ancient civilizations and how it currently affects modern society.

The channel also features insightful interviews, on-site footage, and educational debates regarding various topics related to human history. As it is primarily an educational channel, it also aims to debunk certain myths and other misconceptions regarding historical facts and ideas.

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