HD Archeology Documentary

HD Archeology Documentary is a Youtube channel that features resources for archeological discoveries from some of the oldest civilizations of the known world. The channel features discussions and interviews with Robert Schoch and other experts in the field and their insights during their travels.

This channel aims to provide an in-depth look at the world by studying ancient civilizations and mysteries revolving their development and disappearance. These documentaries also discuss various myths and misconceptions regarding available information to the public.

The most appealing element that this collection of documentaries has is that it features unbiased and uninhibited conclusions regarding the discoveries making them more credible as an information source.

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Recipe Archaeology

Recipe Archeology is run by best friends Stephanie and Christine and it showcases how they explore history in the best way possible. Together they look through cookbooks from a very different time in culinary arts with recipes and ingredients ranging from classic flavors to the weird and bizarre.

The channel shows the two looking for forgotten recipes, recreating them with modern tools and equipment, and experiencing new and interesting flavors and dishes with their friends and family.

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Wielbark Culture

The Wielbark culture takes its name from a village where the Germans discovered in 1873 a cemetery of more than 3000 tombs, attributed to the Gothic and Gépides peoples. Unfortunately, many of the stones in this cemetery have been moved and several burials damaged. The report of the first excavations, lost during the Second World War, was only found in 2004, and is about to be analyzed by a team of Polish researchers from Danzig, Warsaw, Krakow and Lublin.

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Culture of Chernyakhov

The culture of Chernyakhov is a pre-Slavic culture that developed from Belarus to Moldova through Ukraine. The eponymous site is the village of Chernyakhov in Kiev Oblast in Ukraine, excavated in the early years of the. Around the year 300, this civilization spread to Romania where it is found as the Sânta-Ana culture of Mureş. Its existence is attested by a thousand archaeological sites.

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Culture of Qijia

The culture of Qijia (2200-1600) is the first culture of the late Neolithic that makes, in China, the transition with the Bronze Age. It can therefore be considered a culture of the Bronze Age. It is located mainly in Gansu, east of Qinghai and south of Ningxia. Johan Gunnar Andersson discovered the first site in Qijiaping (齊 家坪) in 1923, as he searched west for the origins of Yangshao culture. Chronologically and culturally it follows and inherits the culture of Majiayao, a culture that includes copper and bronze objects, the oldest in China’s present territories.

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Culture of Afanasievo

The ” Afanasievo ” ‘(or Afanasevo, Afanasyevo) culture is a southern Siberian culture, dated from 3300/3200 to 2600/2400 BCE. From an archaeological point of view, it expresses a material culture of the age of copper.

The Afanasievo culture is best known from excavations carried out in the Minusinsk region of southern Krasnoyarsk Krai in southern Siberia, but is also found in western Mongolia, northern Xinjiang. East and central Kazakhstan, with connections or extensions to Tajikistan and the Aral Sea region, or even further east to Xinjiang and beyond, to western China, through Qijia culture

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