James Patrick Mallory

James Patrick Mallory is an American-Irish archaeologist and Indoeuropeanist. Born in 1945, he is Professor Emeritus at Queen’s University Belfast, a member of the Royal Irish Academy, and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Indo-European Studies.

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Ernt Heinrich

Ernst Heinrich is a German architectural historian and archaeologist, born in Berlin on December 15, 1899 and died in the same city on March 28, 1984. His research and publications focus on architecture in Mesopotamia and more generally in the ancient Near East. .

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Joseph-Marie Essomba

Joseph-Marie Essomba is a Cameroonian scholar, specialized in history and archeology, born October 28, 1939 in Mvengue II (South Cameroon Province), and died February 5, 2014 in Yaoundé. Emeritus professor of university, he was president of the Cameroonian National Committee of Museums (ICOM-Cameroon) from 1978 to 2013. He has been, in turn, Deputy Chief of the Department of Conservation, Deputy Director and Director of Cultural Affairs at the Ministry of Information and Culture of Cameroon.

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Cruciform Corridor Tomb

The cruciform corridor tomb is a complex variant of a corridor tomb found in Ireland, West Wales and Orkney Islands. They were built towards the end of the Neolithic, from about 3500 BC. They are distinguished by a long corridor, which leads to a central chamber with corbelled ceiling. From this hall extend in three directions sepulchral rooms, giving a view from above of the form of a cross. Some rooms have sub-rooms from the original three rooms.

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Chamber Tomb

A chamber tomb is a type of tomb used by different cultures throughout history. These tombs sometimes shelter several individuals, belonging to the same family or social group, or are sometimes for a single person or a couple and then demonstrate a high social level. It is not uncommon that beside the bodies (or ashes) of the dead are a number of objects. The rooms are often made of large stones or megaliths, but sometimes of wood, and covered with cairn or tumulus.

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